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Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill

Army Men Army Men II Toys In Space RTS [GOG] The Game

Finally, proof that little green men exist in outer space! A horde of alien toys has invaded Earth. Now, they've enlisted the Tan Army to help them conquer the galaxy. All hope rests with one man, a green plastic soldier known as Sarge.

Army Men Army Men II Toys In Space RTS [GOG] The Game


TEXTURES_3- Contains textures for most army buildings, tents and vehicles.- Original textures for these objects contained a lot of "noise" and to get decent results I had to remove that noise using the algorithm. This makes these objects a bit more cartoony looking, so they are not as close to original like the textures in folders 1 and 2. Only use this if you are OK with that.

The story starts when General Plastro, the general of the Tan army, was captured by the Green Army and locked away during the events of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2. Brigitte Bleu observes this through a magic mirror and makes sinister plans to marry Sarge and get rid of Vikki Grimm, Colonel Grimm's daughter and Sarge's girlfriend. Brigitte decides that she is lonesome, and needs a king worthy of her magnificence, and says that Vikki is a treasure waiting to be buried.

-perhaps an alien army based around those collectable alien figures. Or just alien inspired vehicles & weapons. If you want to keep it within military bounds, maybe something like those German flying saucers


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