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Jameson Cook
Jameson Cook

My PaintBrush Pro 2.0.1

Thetools with Paintbrush 2.0.1, which reside in a floating palette,include a Brush Tool, an Eraser Tool. a Marquee Tool for makingselections. an Airbrush Tool, a Bucket Tool, a Bomb Tool (deleteseverything in the frame with a click), straight and curved Line Tools,rectangular (square-cornered and rounded) and circle/oval Box Toolsthat can be configured to draw see-through, opaque, or filled, a TextTool, an Eyedropper Tool, and a Magnifying Glass (Zoom) Tool. There isalso a slider for adjusting the thickness of brush strokes, lines orbox borders, and a color selection box.

My PaintBrush Pro 2.0.1

There are just three preferences options, one for the default savefile format, a "check for updates" checkbox, and you can set the numberof undos. Paintbrush can open and save these popular image formats:BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF, but unfortunately not PDF or PSD(Photoshop). In Paintbrush 2.0.1, full support for transparency isavailable for image formats that support an alpha channel (currentlyPNGs and GIFs). You can also paste images copied from many common Macapplications, including Microsoft Office and Apple iWork. 041b061a72


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