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Aviation Album ~UPD~

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Fission Two, Four For Timing, Fission One, Eyes of the Storm, The Damage Done, Unreleased Tracks 2012-2018, Aviation of Pontius Pilate, Last Broadcast, and 5 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $76 CAD or more Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. M41A Pulse Rifle 02:18 buy track 2. Nicodemus' Downfall 02:11 buy track 3. Pandemonium 03:48 buy track 4. Cyberface 02:42 buy track 5. Ludicrous Blues 02:51 buy track 6. All Aboard Suborbital Chuckle 02:28 info buy track 7. Cumulus Loud 02:37 buy track 8. High Test 02:55 buy track 9. Aviation of Pontius Pilate 03:38 buy track about DIGITAL/STREAMING Platforms: SCRATCHED VINYL Review: "All Aboard Suborbital Chuckle" Video: Routiger Slob is dead. Marrow re-emerges for the 3rd instrumental album, and the first official Marrow project in 13 years. Aviation of Pontius Pilate is movement at the speed of self-destruction, the transport of chemical transcendence, and the hectic instrumentation of rapidly advancing technology. Both virtuoso and schizoid, Marrow glides between diverse modes and genres; from the intrepid Grime/Trap of Cumulus Loud, to the sinister Boom-Bap of Pandemonium, and to the flechette-like Trip Hop of M41A Pulse Rifle, A.O.P.P never allows itself to be trapped by any single paradigm. Anything that would constrain or control is jettisoned as it sweeps quickly through styles any one of which someone slower might spend an entire album attempting to lock in. This fecundity is made possible by a noncommittal attitude towards subject matter. A higher creative optimism hinted at through tossed-off samples becoming glimmering flights of fancy, coal turned diamond in an instant. But as quick as the sanctuary is glimpsed, the listener finds themselves plummeting once more head-first into subterranean psychomachia, Aviation of Pontius Pilate offers the blind sound of exulting propulsion, life running with the storm. $(".tralbum-about").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_about"), "more", "less"); credits released November 1, 2019 Produced and Mixed by Marrow (SOCAN/ASCAP).Mastered by Ilya Id.Lead Guitar on "Ludicrous Blues" by Rei "Memphis Deville" (RIP). Cuts by Shortrock (1200HOBOS).Album Art by Marrow. (Art formatted to cassette by biomechannik).Copyright 2019. Icy Palms Records and Milled Pavement Records. All Rights Reserved. $(".tralbum-credits").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_long"), "more", "less"); license all rights reserved tags Tags acid rap canadian hip hop electronic hip-hop hip-hop/rap rap boom bap doom rap experimental industrial jazz toronto rap underground hip hop Toronto Shopping cart total USD Check out about M a r r o w Toronto, Ontario

aviation album

Now available online are 316 images, ca. 1910-1916, by Captain Harry A. Erickson of the United States Air Service. The photographs, which are part of an album held by the DeGolyer Library, depict early planes and aviation pioneers. The images show early air shows, the testing and successful flight of seaplanes and floatplanes, and activities on North Island, San Diego, where the aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss had a flying school until the breakout of World War I. Curtiss biplanes, seaplanes, and floatplanes feature prominently throughout the album, as do Wright aircraft, Antoinette monoplanes, and Martin aircraft. Notable early aviators, many of whom belonged to the group known as the Early Birds of Aviation, also make appearances in this album. Among them are Farnum Fish, Roy Knabenshue, Lincoln Beachey, Archibald Hoxsey, Charles Hamilton, Victor Herbster, Theodore Ellyson, Julia Clark (one of the first female pilots), among many more.

Shortly before the beginning of World War I, the U.S. Army established a flight school on the south end of North Island. Here Army officers received flight instructions from Glenn Curtiss and a number of other pilots, including Doc Wildman. Among the officers under instruction in the 1914-1915 time period was Walter Taliaferro, for whom Camp Taliaferro, a World War I flight training center in Fort Worth, Texas, was named. Also on North Island at the time was Katherine Stinson, an early female pilot who is credited as being the first woman to fly over London and the first to fly at night. Stinson was a member of the Stinson family, a prominent aviation family from San Antonio, Texas, who founded the Stinson Aircraft Company.

After several years, Thompson Products had amassed a growing collection, and Mr. Crawford desired to display it to the public. A former Cadillac showroom was leased on East 30th and Chester Avenue, and the collection was moved there from the main plant of Thompson Products. The new museum, known as the Thompson Products Auto Album opened for business on August 13, 1943, making it one of the earliest car museums in the country. In 1944, the museum was added to, as a 7/8 scale street of shops, set in the 1890s, opened. The storefronts, which included a print shop, saloon, blacksmith shop, barber shop, and other mainstays of small-town America, proved to be quite popular from the start, and was featured in many newspapers and magazines across America. Also at that time, Thompson Products began collecting airplanes, guided by the knowledge of Charles Hubbell, the noted aviation artist.

Frederick Coolidge Crawford was not only a Cleveland industrialist and namesake of the Crawford Auto Aviation Museum, but was also recognized worldwide for his leadership in the automotive and aviation industries, and a man who was greatly respected by his peers and his employees. In his long lifetime, he was able to experience the dawn of the automobile, the invention of the aircraft, and seeing man walk on the moon. And he played a large part in all of it.

Mr. Crawford worked to keep Thompson Products involved in the National Air Races in Cleveland, helping to organize the event and sponsoring the prestigious Thompson Trophy. Under his direction, Thompson Products increased its presence in the aviation industry, and continued to solidify its position as a major automotive component manufacturer. Mr. Crawfords interest in automobiles also directly led to the creation of the Thompson Products Auto Album, one of the first car museums in the United States, which began in 1937 with the purchase of a 1910 Duryea, a car which is still on display in the Crawford Museum.


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