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Cosmetics*wholesale !!LINK!!

We are a wholesale cosmetic distributor that carries quality cosmetics at the best prices. We are located in Downtown Los Angeles and have been doing business since 2006. We are always trying to keeping up with the latest trends.We proudly offer the best customer services as fast and efficient processing on orders and customer calls. Please don't hesitate to call us or email us if you have any further questions.


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JNI Wholesale prides itself in being a mass wholesale distributor to all types of businesses. Whether you run a large network of retail stores or have a small business, JNI has you covered with HBA and household products. Apply for a wholesale account today to know how JNI can better serve your distribution needs.

Want to learn more about product availability and pricing before placing an order? Speak to our retail team directly by emailing: You can also submit an online inquiry by clicking here. We look forward to speaking with you and welcoming you to the #LipSquad.

Thanks for your interest in Hero Cosmetics and Mighty Patch! Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you about our wholesale program. We evaluate applications at the beginning of every month and we'll let you know if it's a good fit.

We are always looking to establish partnerships with businesses of a similar vision - from boutiques to salons and spas. We offer our wholesale partners a broad range of products with reasonable minimum order quantities. To help us assess your suitability as a wholesale partner, please use the form below. We are interested in hearing from parties who share the values of Elate and who would like to stock a range of high quality, sustainable beauty and cosmetic products to complement their existing business.

If you are a licensed esthetician, cosmetologist and/or certified acne specialist WITH an established business in the Continental United States, Hawaii or Alaska, we want to hear from you. Please click on the register button below to fill out a wholesale account application. We will review your application and you can expect to hear from us within 2 BUSINESS days. If approved, you will be notified via email. You may then return to this page and enter the username and password you created when you filled out the application form. After logging in, you'll be able to view wholesale pricing and place your opening order.

We are an oppurtunity buying wholesale cosmetics and skincare company. Every day we post new and exciting deals on the best selling items. We do not work with price lists or excel sheets, we work from item to item and deal to deal.

We value anyones business, whether you're a small business starting up, or a big business looking for a new supplier. We have been in the beauty business for over 10 years. We sell everything from cosmetics to skincare, from brands you know and trust. Everything we sell is 100% authentic and genuine. Please go through our catalog to find the items right for you!

Amazon Business beauty product store is the one-stop solution for all your wholesale purchasing needs. You can get all the beauty products from premium brands listed in one place. Browse through the categories and products to choose the one you need.

Amazon Business offers the ultimate convenience for buyers who run their own businesses. The clientele has invested their trust in Amazon Business for their service and convenience. This wholesale ecommerce platform makes bulk-purchasing easy and lucrative for customers.

There are quantity discounts on the purchases of wholesale beauty products. Cosmetic items, skincare products, makeup items, personal care products, salon products, and salon equipment are listed on one platform.

Amazon Business is the most convenient marketplace for wholesale shopping. Businesses can find all the products in one place, get better offers and customer service. Amazon Business is a respected brand among business owners who rely on it for their periodic inventory purchases.

Do you love our products and would like to sell them in your shop? Then what are you waiting for, get in touch today - we think making new friends is great! If you would like to register your interest in becoming an online wholesale customer click here

Working with sales reps and distributors is a great way to get started with wholesale. They have connections and know how to get in front of retailers. Plus, they can save you the time and effort of working with retailers directly. You can also display your products in showrooms to get in front of retailers.

Buy beauty wholesale products such as mascara, lipsticks, eyelash serum, foundation, bronzer, concealer, nail polish and much more from the biggest brands in the world. We offer a large selection of makeup for wholesale from well-known brands, from where you can get makeup products for every occasion. In our wholesale cosmetic catalog, you can find lots of different makeup, makeup brushes, fake eyelashes and eyelash serum at bulk prices.

As a beauty wholesale supplier, we can offer you competitive prices and wholesale quantities. At Entertainment Trading A/S you can find a large range of different makeup but also a lot of makeup tools. All the necessary tools such as eyelash curler, lash glue, make up mirror, blenders, pencils, mixing sponges and all kinds of brushes. We are also a distributor of everything for nails and nail art, hundreds of different nail polish, nail dryer lamps, nail scissors, manicure and pedicure sets. We have collected the prettiest and best quality nail polishes on the market.

With us you can buy the best selling cosmetics from well-known brands all around the world. In our wide wholesale catalog, you will find brands like Maybelline, Elizabeth Arden, Clinique, NYX Professional Makeup and many more. We make sure to constantly update our selection of beauty products and brands with new and demanded items.

We strive to be the most accessible beauty wholesale web shop no matter if you are a big company or a small start-up company. Get worldwide shipping and bulk quantities with Entertainment Trading A/S, We deliver to both retail stores and web shops - get all your wholesale cosmetics for your business in one place.

'Wholesale-Cosmetics' is an established online beauty wholesaler based in Stockport, England. Specialising in the supply of branded cosmetics and skincare products to market traders, party planners and a wide variety of retailers throughout the world. We have been selling big brand makeup at wholesale prices since 1998 and have built up a great international client base

SalonCentric, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, and operating in 48 states, is one of the largest wholesale salon and beauty supply distributors of professional beauty products in the United States, exclusively for licensed beauty professionals. It's our vision to be your business partner of choice. We're committed to doing this by providing the best brands, the best education, and the best business-building support; transforming every salon, suite, or barbershop into a destination of choice.

KOREAMARKET4U or WholeKorea is based in Busan and has been in operation since 2010. They offer cosmetics at reasonable prices and quick shipping services so they have had many successful transactions with many global buyers. KOREAMARKET4U guarantees that once an order has been received, it will be packaged, ready to ship, and then forwarded to customers in a timely manner. This site also sells other Korean products like K-pop albums, goods, hair and body products, hand cream, etc.

Beautynetkorea provides shoppers with many cosmetic brands that are popular with both Korean and foreign consumers such as The Face Shop, Skinfood, Ohui, etc. The plus point of this site is that there are various sale events on a daily basis so you can hunt for cheap cosmetics anytime you enter this site. Besides, the website also applies a wholesale policy for orders over 2,000 US dollars. This is an ideal policy for online and offline shops wishing to import goods for business.

There are always trendy Chinese cosmetics to make, of that there is a wide variety of trendy Japanese cosmetics to discover for your customers. On you can find a wide selection of trendy Japanese cosmetics for various occasions, such as applying cream on different skin or hair tensions.

If you are an international based business interested in reselling our products please email and provide the following documents. A representative will get back to you within 48 hours with more information.

The products are subjected to specific dermo-cosmetic tests: their potential irritant effect on sensitive skin is evaluated, 5 heavy metals are tested, Nichel is tested, they are subjected to soothing efficacy control tests. Organic cosmetics with CBD are pesticide-free, fertiliser-free and paraben-free, and contain no harmful substances that could end up in the circulatory system.

So many people nowadays use cosmetics, regardless of age and sex and location. Beauty is not only a way to look good, but also a means of personal expression. This is key for the beauty industry because the cosmetics market has been rapidly growing in last decade and is estimated to be valued over $60 billion. It also shows a bright future for the coming years. Though the largest cosmetics industry is in Asia, that is not a downside because as a cosmetics wholesale supplier, we offer options around the globe. No matter where in the world you are located, we offer fast and affordable rates for all cosmetics wholesale products. 041b061a72


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