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Sunderkand Hindi Pdf Free Download !EXCLUSIVE!

Sunderkand Hindi Pdf Free Download: How to Read and Benefit from the Divine Chapter of Ramayana

Sunderkand is the fifth chapter of the epic Ramayana, which describes the heroic deeds of Hanuman, the faithful devotee of Lord Rama. Sunderkand means "the beautiful chapter" as it contains the beautiful story of Hanuman's journey to Lanka, his discovery of Sita, his burning of Ravana's city, and his return to Rama with the good news. Sunderkand is considered to be one of the most powerful and auspicious chapters of Ramayana, as it bestows many blessings and benefits to those who read or listen to it with devotion.

Sunderkand Hindi Pdf Free Download

In this article, we will tell you how to download Sunderkand PDF in Hindi for free and how to read it with proper method and rules. We will also tell you the benefits of reading Sunderkand and how it can help you overcome various problems and obstacles in life.

How to Download Sunderkand PDF in Hindi for Free

If you want to read Sunderkand offline, you can download Sunderkand PDF in Hindi for free from the links given below. These PDF files contain the complete text of Sunderkand with meaning and explanation in Hindi. You can also print them or save them on your device for easy access.

  • Sunderkand PDF with Sampurna Vidhi (Method) and Labh (Benefits)

  • Sunderkand PDF with Bhavarth (Meaning)

  • Sunderkand PDF with Mool Path (Original Text)

How to Read Sunderkand with Proper Method and Rules

Reading Sunderkand is not just a ritual, but a spiritual practice that requires faith, devotion, and discipline. There are some rules and methods that should be followed while reading Sunderkand to get the maximum benefits and blessings from it. Here are some of them:

  • Choose a clean and quiet place for reading Sunderkand. You can also read it in a temple or a Hanuman shrine.

  • Before reading Sunderkand, take a bath and wear clean clothes. Avoid eating onion, garlic, or any intoxicating substances on the day of reading.

  • Offer chola (red cloth), sindoor (vermilion), chameli oil (jasmine oil), flowers, fruits, sweets, etc. to Hanumanji before reading Sunderkand. Apply sindoor from Hanumanji's feet on your forehead as a tilak.

  • Light a lamp or a candle and incense sticks in front of Hanumanji's idol or picture. You can also chant Hanuman Chalisa or Hanuman Ashtak before reading Sunderkand.

  • Read Sunderkand with full concentration and devotion. You can read it aloud or silently, but do not skip any word or line. You can also listen to Sunderkand audio or video if you cannot read it yourself.

  • While reading Sunderkand, chant "Siyavar Ramchandra ki Jai" or "Jai Shri Ram" after every chaupai (verse). You can also chant "Sampurna Sundarkanda Paath ki Jai" after completing the whole chapter.

  • After reading Sunderkand, pray to Hanumanji and Lord Rama for fulfilling your wishes and removing your troubles. You can also distribute prasad (offering) to others as a mark of gratitude.

  • The best time to read Sunderkand is in the morning or evening, especially on Tuesdays or Saturdays. You can also read it on any auspicious day or occasion.

  • You can read Sunderkand daily, weekly, monthly, or occasionally as per your convenience and desire. However, it is advisable to read it regularly for getting continuous benefits and protection from Hanumanji.

The Benefits of Reading Sunderkand

Sunderkand is a source of infinite grace and power that can transform your life in many ways. Reading Sunderkand can give you many benefits such as:

  • It can increase your faith, devotion, courage, wisdom, and intelligence by following the example of Hanumanji.

  • It can remove your fear, anxiety, stress, depression, anger, jealousy, etc. by filling your mind with positive thoughts and emotions.

  • It can protect you from evil eye, black magic, enemies, accidents, diseases, etc. by creating a shield of divine energy around you.

  • It can fulfill your wishes and desires by attracting the blessings of Lord Rama and Hanumanji.

  • It can improve your health, wealth, career, education, marriage, family, etc. by removing the obstacles and enhancing the opportunities in your life.

  • It can grant you salvation by purifying your soul and connecting you with the supreme Lord.

Sunderkand is a treasure of spiritual wisdom and divine power that can change your destiny for good. Read it with love and devotion and experience the miracles in your life. 6c859133af


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