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Jameson Cook

Rocksmith 2014 Dlc Xbox Rgh

Then you will need a dlc song you have already downloaded. (to do this I looked through the toolkit too see what codes are available, I had purchased a few songs on my retail xbox and sure enough i had a song that was in the toolkit, crazy on you)

Rocksmith 2014 Dlc Xbox Rgh

Now you want to do this before you change it to a xbox package. after you have changed the song id you can uncheck the different console options ie. pc, mac xbox or ps3. I just check xbox and then click generate package and save it to my usb for my xbox in a well labled folder ie. rockmith customs,

Now boot up your rgh or jtag and load xex menu. find your usb drive and the folder you created and copy the xbox package you generated earlier. move over to hdd find your content folder 9should be lots of 00000... folders. find 0000000000000000 and then 555308C0 and in the folder you should have this one 00000002. install your cdlc to this folder. now fire up your game and you should have cdlc.

by retail hdd I mean my xbox that is not modded or have a rgh glitch. xm 360 is used to unlock dlc so that you can play them on your rgh sytem. you can find links for it online to download and just install with xex menu. are your regular dlc songs working or not?

...also I used xm 360 to unlock regular DLC and CDLC files and fixed names for CLDC files but no success. RS 2014 crashes again when I chose CDLC songs as these files were corrupt? Any ideas what could be wrong?

is the app id on your cdlc set to one of the songs you own? Almost all cdlc are set to cherub rock for the app id as a default. Do you own cherub rock or did you change the cdlc id to match the dlc you own and have installed on your xbox?

Rocksmith 2014 Edition on Xbox 360 promises to be the quickest way to learn guitar. It also promises to throw a shed load of downloadable content at you on a fairly regular basis, which on the whole, is pretty decent stuff.


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