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Buy Taylor Swift Outfits

Quick disclaimer: Before I get into the outfits and style breakdown, I should reiterate that this post is different from my past posts. These are not recreations of specific outfits. Due to the availability of certain styles, cuts and items she wore in her past eras (especially her first three albums), I had to take a different route with this one. This is a homage to Taylor rather than an exact recreation of her looks.

buy taylor swift outfits

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To be honest? I would wear the day look for school and the office any day. The night look was fun and I might try it again. Both outfits were a cooler version of outfits I had worn before and I felt really, really badass.

Performing "I Knew You Were Trouble," Taylor Swift decided to show off her bad-girl side at the 2013 BRIT Awards. Taylor started the performance with her hair up and wearing a high-necked, long and flowing white gown, reminiscent of many of her typical stage outfits. But halfway through the song, Taylor's male dancers stripped the conservative gown off her to reveal a skimpy black ensemble underneath, which was custom designed for the singer by Marina Toybina. Taylor dramatically let her hair down and danced seductively to the tune, all while her ex Harry Styles, who was rumored to have inspired it, watched by the side of the stage.

As BuzzFeed noticed, "Hiddleswift" seems to be reenacting parts of Swift's previous relationships in obvious ways. Many recent tabloid camera shots of Swift and Hiddleston together seem to be remarkably similar to pictures of Swift with her previous boyfriends.

Why might Swift be replicating scenes from her earlier relationships? No matter how much we want to believe in love, we are really starting to suspect that she's toying with us and that Hiddleswift is part of a larger project in which she is mining her past relationships for art.

The Reputation tour's hint of rainbow sparkles notwithstanding, 2019 brought the swiftest (ha), most radical style switch of Taylor's career when she threw out her burgundy lips and black bodysuits for a candy-colored fashion fantasy. Consistently hinting at the new color scheme on Instagram, Swift officially debuted the new look at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, wearing a Rosa Bloom romper covered in iridescent paillettes and butterfly heels.

For Swifties, the biggest event of the year happened over the weekend: Taylor Swift finally kicked off her Eras Tour in Arizona. After months of preparing for her first tour in three years, Swift shared an Instagram post on Thursday ahead of the first show sporting some stylish behind-the-scenes outfits. 041b061a72


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