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Download BlueParrott App: The Ultimate Guide to Enhance Your Headset

So, what you're gonna do is go ahead and download the BlueParrott app to your phone. Go ahead and launch the BlueParrott app and you may see an icon that has the word update. If it doesn't, give it a few seconds and it will show up. And it will push a notification to you that says you have a new firmware version available. And if you do, it may take about 40 minutes for it to go ahead and go through the entire process.

download blueparrott app

To change the Parrott Button function, download the BlueParrott app for your cell phone (Android or iOS) or BlueParrott Updater for your computer. Scan the QR code to download the app or refer to more information.

Again, for these sound clips, create a directory (folder) somewhere, something like /Users/Al/SoundClips, download the sound clips you want to that directory, then tell the Blue Parrot where they are. You only have to set this once, it will remember your directory (and the text phrases you enter).


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