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[S1E2] The Bite

Connor: I'm supposed to get the cast off today, and I got to get a tetanus shot. Everett: What for?Connor: I got bit by something on the highway during that whole stampede. Everett: You were bitten? Connor: Mm-hmm. Everett: By what? Connor: Pretty sure it was a coyote.Everett: Did you see it? Like, did you actually see a coyote bite you? Connor: Yeah, kind of. Everett: What do you mean, kind of? Did you see it or not? Connor: There was a lot of smoke. I mean, I guess maybe it could have been something else, like a mountain lion. But I think it would look a lot worse.Everett: Let me see it.Connor: It's on my back. Everett: Well, take your shirt off. Connor: Now? Everett: Just take it off.Connor: All right, shit. I was gonna wait for college to experiment a little, but let's do this. Everett: Just shut up and take the shirt off, please. Let me see the bite. (Connor: How's it look? Everett: Kind of looks like a dog bite. Connor: So kind of like a coyote? Everett: Yeah, I guess. Hey, um, have you gotten any, like, phone calls lately? Anyone kind of strange talking to you on the phone? Connor: Besides you?Everett: No, seriously. Connor: No. Dude, what's going on? Everett: Nothing. But can you do me a favor? When you go see your doctor later, just call me and tell me what he says. Connor: About my leg? Everett: No. No, about the bite. Just call me. Connor: All right. I'll call you.

[S1E2] The Bite

It is highly likely that Tess was bitten during this unseen segment, with her showing increased bitterness and anger after exiting the museum. While Ellie was shown being bitten, this does not matter due to Ellie's Last of Us immunity - but Tess was not as lucky. Tess reveals her bite later at the episode's end after finding the Fireflies dead in the State House.

Tess' bite and her reaction to it link to why she implored Joel to carry on their task with Ellie. While Joel was set on giving up now that the Fireflies and their means of reaching Tommy are dead, Tess seemed more sure than ever about helping Ellie reach her destination. Tess desperately begins looking for a radio or a map to indicate where the Fireflies were going before their untimely demise. When Joel angrily refuses and tells Tess they are going home, she reveals the bite and subsequently her reason for her newfound desperation in helping Ellie.

Tess begs Joel to take Ellie to Bill and Frank, likely meaning big things in episode 3 due to the foreboding radio song in Last of Us episode 1. Tess reveals that, despite only being bitten hours ago around the same time as Ellie's second bite, hers is already worse. This grim fate causes Tess to wholeheartedly believe that Ellie's condition is real and that the Fireflies could use it to heal the world and retroactively right the wrongs she and Joel have committed.

After the reveal of Tess' bite and Joel's reluctant agreement to take Ellie to Bill and Frank, the ending of The Last of Us episode 2 sees the tragic death of Anna Torv's Tess. In a bid not to turn into a monster, to buy Pedro Pascal's Joel and Bella Ramsey's Ellie time, and to get some likely much-needed revenge against the infected, Tess stays behind to blow up the State House. After pouring out barrels of oil and tipping the Fireflies' grenades onto the oil-drenched floor, Tess awaits the horde with a lighter in hand. This leads to one of The Last of Us most horrifying scenes yet.

This scene links to HBO's The Last of Us' new concept of tendrils which replace spores from the original game. The tendrils have been seen protruding from their infected host's mouths throughout episodes 1 and 2 which explains how the infection is passed from one subject to another through bites. As Tess has been bitten, and will likely begin showing signs of this such as tendrils, an infected shoves its tendrils into Tess' mouth in a revolting scene. The tendrils mark the biggest change from the game yet, outside of The Last of Us' timeline changes.

Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, and Hot Dog Princess are participating in a Mallow Tea Ceremony. Finn complains about the tea party but Princess Bubblegum tells him not to worry and that it takes years to master. Lumpy Space Princess says it is easy, but Finn calls her a faker and points out that it is easy for her because she is floating, not bouncing. She turns off her floating powers and during a bad fall, she accidentally bites Jake. Soon Jake's bite mark turns into a bump, and while Jake brushes it off as "nothing ominous," Lumpy Space Princess tells them that it is the early stage of the lumps: a disease that happens whenever a Lumpy Space person bites a smooth person (similar to werewolf-like curses). The lumps begin to transform a smooth person into a Lumpy Space Person and if the victim is not cured by sunset, that person will be lumpy forever. Jake's right arm and leg have already become lumpy, so Lumpy Space Princess takes Finn and Jake to Lumpy Space to find the lumps antidote. Princess Bubblegum was also going to go with them, but she had to go to the bathroom saying, "I should not have drunk that much tea!"Lumpy Space Princess takes Finn and Jake into the Cotton Candy Forest to the portal which is a frog and mushroom. Lumpy Space Princess gives the frog the password, which is "Whatevers2009,"[1] and they are transported into Lumpy Space. LSP starts to show them her house but Finn reminds her of the urgency of the situation and she tells them that the antidote is at Makeout Point. They hit a roadblock when Lumpy Space Princess also says that they have to use a car to travel or they will fall into the Lumpy Abyss. Lumpy Space Princess tries using her parents' car, but they ban her from it after she mouths off to them and makes her mother cry (Her father forbids smooth people in Lumpy Space).

Finn has to find a way to get to promcoming, but the posers tell Finn that he will fall into the Lumpy Abyss since he is a smooth person. Finn realizes that in order to make it, he has to be lumpy, so he makes the posers bite him and the multiple bites begin to 'accelerate the lumpification process'. He crashes into the promcoming building and sees Lumpy Jake dancing. Finn tries to make Lumpy Jake use the antidote, but due to Jake's new lumpy behavior, he refuses, just as Finn finally becomes fully lumpy. Lumpy Finn begins to leave with the antidote but Lumpy Jake fights him for it. Eventually, Jake accidentally sits on the antidote and becomes normal again. Lumpy Finn also refuses to sit on the antidote and starts to run away but runs into a large lumpy space person and loses consciousness. He wakes up sitting on the antidote, returned to normal. Finn apologizes to Lumpy Space Princess for yelling at her and Lumpy Space Princess tells them that he and Jake can make it up to her by dancing one last dance with her. Jake responds in a lumpy voice, pretending he still has the lumps. But Jake says he is kidding, and so they dance.

"Craig smartly said, 'What can we do to separate our infected even further from zombies?' It's more than just a bite. There's something else going on," Druckmann recalls. "I wish we had that aha moment immediately, but we brainstormed so many different things that they could be doing," he adds. "Some of them were pretty outlandish."

Jim Lane picks blueberries alone in the Blue Ridge Mountains until a timber rattlesnake attacks; teacher Rachael Lilienthal's swim in a Florida river becomes a struggle when an alligator bites down on her arm, pulls her underwater and doesn't let go.

This episode has four main stories: an unidentified man, a school visit, a snake bite patient and Maggie's continuing care. It opens at night under a full moon, when strange things are said to happen. A naked man walks along the beach dropping his dog-tags to be swept out to sea and wades into the ocean with literally nothing. He is found washed-up the next morning near Greg's bar, rescued and taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, Ruby is learning how to ride a motorbike, with Lydia and Gabriel looking on and threatening to make her ride pillion (on the back). She is determined to work it out rather than accept his offer, managing to do a couple of laps as the ambulance comes in carrying the unknown man from the beach. Ruby is also trying to learn the local language and is doing better with vocabulary, but still struggling to get the right accent.

Back at the hospital, regular Juan comes in with a snake bite from a dangerous Russell's viper. This is usually no problem for the team, but they have run out of the specific anti-venom. They treat the patient as best they can until Gabriel returns, but Juan realises that something is wrong and asks to see the Catholic priest from St Teresa's. Lydia is not pleased to see the Father and throws him out - only to call him back for last rites when Gabriel is later than expected.

Last week on the series premiere, we learned that a bite or scratch on the leg can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours before it becomes a full infection. This woman could've been bitten as far back as the morning of September 22.

In 2003, authorities in Jakarta show Ratna Pertiwi (Christine Hakim), a mycology professor, a sample from a human, which she identifies as Ophiocordyceps. Lieutenant-General Agus Hidayat (Yayu A.W. Unru [id]) shows Ratna a corpse of a woman with a human bite mark on its leg and fungal growths in its mouth. He informs Ratna the woman was killed after biting her co-workers at a flour factory, while other co-workers are missing. Ratna remarks the location provides an excellent substrate for the fungus, adds there is no cure or vaccine for the infection, and recommends bombing the entire city to contain the outbreak. 041b061a72


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