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Android Cut The Rope Experiments

In August 2014, ZeptoLab and McDonald's Europe announced[31] a multi-market Happy Meal promotional campaign, which featured various Cut the Rope-themed kitchen accessories, such as banana splitter and juicer. "Hungry for fruit and fun?" was the key message of the campaign. As part of the promotion, ZeptoLab also released the game called Cut the Rope: Hungry for Fruit.

android cut the rope experiments


The second addition is in the tools on offer to move the candy around the level. As well as the ropes to cut and air puffers from the first title, you have some new tools, including a wall sucker that can let a rope's attachment point be moved, grappling hooks to grab candy out of the air as it swings, and more (I wouldn't want to spoil all the surprises in the review). These are good additions in keeping with the first game, but certainly make the experience richer and more complicated.

Controls are touch based and simple to use - cutting the rope is a swipe of your finger over the rope, and to use the new toys in Experiments you simply tap to activate or deactivate them as required. Because of the size of the graphics there's no issue about accuracy or fat fingers, the app will be smart enough to work out what you are trying to do.

Pieces of candy are attached to various lengths of rope and, later, other objects. Slide your finger strategically across the cord to cut, and watch the candy swing into Om Nom's mouth. Catch the three stars with the candy to master the level.

For instance, sliders will have rope connecting to the candy, but you can use your finger to move the peg and the sweets along with it. Platforms act like trampolines, so you can bounce the candy in another direction. Touch the whoopee cushion-like puffers, meanwhile, and a blast of hot air will push the candy along.

Cut the Rope: Experiments is a follow-up to Cut the Rope. The cute candy-loving creature Om Nom arrives at the house of an experimenting professor. The gameplay is very similar to the original game: you have to safely deliver a candy to the creature in each of many levels. The game features scientific experiment theme and adds many new gameplay elements that require new strategies to deal with, such as rope shooters, suction cups, rockets, water, ants etc. There's also a number of pictures hidden within some levels. When unlocked, the pictures are shown in the gallery.

Cut the Rope: Experiments is a continuation of the popular puzzle game from ZeptoLab. The goal of the game is to feed the cute monster Am Yum sweets. To do this, you will have to cut the ropes in such a way that the lollipops go straight into the mouth of Am Nyamu.

The principle of Cut the Rope: Experiments is largely the same as the original: cut the ropes strategically to release the candy and feed the hungry monster, Om Nom. Besides just chopping string, you'll also need to make use of bubbles, air blowers and the like, as well as several new elements including rope shooters and suction cups.

Cut the Rope: Experiments includes 125 levels (known as 'experiments'), set across five gorgeously-designed worlds. You should find it pretty easy to get through all the levels. Cut the Rope: Experiments also features different achievements to unlock, as well a side story that involves collecting pieces of a photo to discover who the Professor really is.

In this continuation of ZeptoLab's Cut the Rope, the well-known charming little monster Am Nyam was suddenly discovered by a crazy scientist, but kind, decides to take up the study of Am Nyam's intense love for sweets and conducts a series of experiments. You still have to cut the ropes, sending the candy into the mouth of Am Nyam, while managing to collect gold stars and discover new levels!

The popular and fun game Cut the Rope by Zepto Labs is back with all new characters, fun gameplay, and tons of levels for you rope cutting and Om Nom fans. Cut the Rope: Experiments was released this weekend for Android and is available today in the Play Store for only $0.99. Instead of just sharing the news we figured a quick hands-on video was worth the look for those considering the purchase.

New play, new partner, countless hidden secrets etc. you find! The total design of the 8 mark 200 small off, the new level to join a variety of new props elements, including rope guns, rockets, water, etc., will give you a new gaming experience. Come and meet the candy goods candy dream it!

In each level, the candy is attached to a series of ropes you slice with your finger. To complete a level, you need to figure out which ropes to cut, and when, to swing the candy into Om Nom's mouth--collecting as many stars as possible in the process.

Experiments delivers more of the same, but with the aforementioned "plot," a new soundtrack, and inventions like a rope gun and suction-cup holders. I don't want to give away much more than that, as much of the fun comes from discovering the new gizmos in each level.

Parents need to know that Cut the Rope: Experiments is a physics-based puzzle game that follows closely in the footsteps of its predecessor -- the original Cut the Rope. The game is, if possible, even more charming and still features the loveable monster "Om Nom" who's willing to eat all the candy you can get to him, via an intricate set of ropes, bubbles, and levers. The game's not hard to learn and is very forgiving, though there is a bit more consumerism in this version.

Kids swipe the screen with their finger to cut dangling ropes that hold candy so that it falls into the mouth of Om Nom, the cute monster that stars in the app. Gameplay requires precision and occasionally quick reflexes -- especially since new challenges like balloons, blowers, spikes, and electrical currents are quickly added to the basic rope-cutting formula. Challenges become progressively harder as the levels progress.

Om Nom returns, hungry as ever and with more puzzles than you can shake a rope at. Zeptolab's continuation of their hit puzzler Cut the Rope was previously released for iPhone and iPad and is now available on all your favorite mobile devices. Cut the Rope: Experiments includes 125 new physics puzzles set across five new settings in a professor's laboratory. The goal from the original returns: get the candy into Om Nom's mouth by slicing through dangling ropes and utilizing environmental objects. Old favorites like bubbles, whoopie cushions, and automatic ropes return in addition to new tools like rockets, suction cups, and projectile rope-darts.

The gameplay will be familiar to those who have played the original. The first set of levels is a comprehensive recap of returning mechanics. The following sets each introduce a new kind of object to the puzzles. Ropes attached to suction cups can be touched to release them from the background and then re-stuck, allowing for far more mobility than in the first installment. Dart ropes can be fired at the candy to catch them from free-fall, and bottle rockets provide forward propulsion. Gameplay has moved past free-fall physics to a full, open physics puzzle experience. Social elements including achievements, leaderboards and hidden photographs that can be found and shared on Facebook have also been added.

The new objects and characters are interesting on their own, but many levels may feel too familiar to returning players. The weight and buoyancy mechanics are especially fun to play with, but most exciting puzzles are those that combine all the new tools. Aiming rockets at automatic ropes and using darts to prevent the projectile from defusing underwater is quite the challenge. The promise of more levels is enticing given the quality of Zeptolab's new levels for the original. If you felt like something was missing from the first game or just can't get enough rope-cutting in your life, this one is worth picking up.

Help Om Nom the monster eat the candy by cutting the ropes in the right place to drop it into his mouth. In this version you can activate Om Noms super powers and use extra gadgets such as air cushions, elastic rope and suction cups to help feed the hungry monster. Available on iOS and Android devices.

Cut rope, free candy, feed Om Nom. Like all the best casual titles, Cut the Rope's simple premise and controls belied highly addictive gameplay. Not content merely serving up additional levels, Experiments introduces novelties to build upon the original's successful physics-based puzzle template.

New contraptions such as bouncing pads and rope shooters combine with the bubbles and whoopee cushions of the original to provide even more intricate puzzling. And there's a greater focus on urgency this time around, with time-limited stars and spiders featuring more prominently. Seasoned players won't take long to chomp their way through the 75-levels on offer, but there's plenty more updates promised in this sweet sequel. 041b061a72


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