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Wedding Chair Covers To Buy

The dynamic duo in weddings and special events, high quality chair covers and chair sashes can definitely transform your venue from ordinary to extraordinary--especially if you choose chair cover and sash colors that complement your wedding tablecloths and table runners. We offer a huge selection of wholesale chair covers for banquet and folding chairs in polyester, satin and spandex. For mismatched sets of chairs, we have our best-selling self-tie satin universal chair covers. All our chair covers are designed to thrive in professional laundering and feature wrinkle and stain resistant properties. Buy wholesale chair covers online or call us at 877-450-8383 to place an order.

wedding chair covers to buy

Designed to help business owners, wedding professionals and brides, our chair cover collection has the promise of high quality at affordable wholesale prices. Choose from our large selection of banquet, folding and universal chair covers (also known as self-tie). These chair covers are available in satin, polyester and spandex. We highly recommend using our Sizing Chart before you buy chair covers.

Our chair sashes are a splendid way to add vibrancy to your wedding chairs. With our trendy materials and inviting colors, our chair cover sashes are committed to nothing but high quality. Have fun styling your chair covers with our organza, satin, flocking damask, crinkle taffeta and stretch spandex sashes. If you need help to pick out a right sash for your wedding, special event, hotel, restaurant, trade show, casino or catering service, please feel free to call us at 877-450-8383. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

To complete your venue settings, offers wholesale and affordable wedding chair covers for all types of occasions and events. For folding chair covers, banquet chair covers, and chair slipcovers and chair caps, all at prices you can afford, look no further than our selection of stylish options available in polyester, shiny satin, pintuck, and more. Our chair slipcovers come much more reasonably priced than many rentals, which makes our crushed taffeta, L'Amour, and chic flocking styles a smart choice for your elegant affair.

All these quality wholesale dining chair covers and wedding chair covers can be readily reused for your next big event as well, adding to your wedding supply savings. Find the colors, styles, and prices you need with our inexpensive accent chair covers. has your event covered, whether with actual armless chair slipcover, folding chair covers, or our many personalized wedding supplies and decorations, such as our personalized napkins, personalized favors, or personalized cake toppers. In fact, the prices on our competitive chair covers will make it possible for you to budget for all of the other necessary wedding decorations and supplies that you need.

If you are looking for the most affordable option for purchasing wedding linens or chair covers, then nothing can beat online shopping. Online shopping can help you to get the best rates and make comparison shopping easy. It is better to purchase wholesale wedding chair covers online so that you can save the most money.

You can now get a wide variety of chair covers online from wholesale wedding chair covers and thus you can easily purchase beautiful chair covers for decorating your wedding in style. You can choose any type, look through the colors, fabrics, and types of chairs. You will save the most money and spend the least amount of time this way.

If your budget is too limited, then you can also rent your wedding needs for a few dollars less. This may require a refundable deposit, but may allow for easy delivery. Because a rental will only be a few dollars less though, you may want to consider if you would have a future use that would make chair covers worth purchasing.

If you have more time than money, you can also create DIY chair covers. In this case, you just need to use the fabric and accessories you can find at a wedding décor store. This is quite a great idea that can save your money in getting bulk chair-covers.

Wedding chair covers, also referred to as banquet chair covers or chair linens, are designed to create a formal atmosphere for social gatherings like a wedding or an upscale banquet. You are provided with a variety of colors and styles of chair covers that can be used to fit the occasions. To further dress up the scene, sashes can be used around the chair in addition to add color or decorative touches to the wedding.

Wedding or banquet-style chair covers are fabric overlays that are placed on a chair used for an event like a wedding or banquet. These formal chair covers can be used with a folding, wooden, or metal banquet style chair to give the event a cohesive look and more formal feel.

Did you rent or buy your chair covers? Our reception space has unfortunate red and gold banquet chairs and our colors are purple and gray/silver. Is it worth it to buy them and try to resell them? What website did you get yours at? Thanks!

Now to my opinion (as someone who has put on more events than others may have attended. No one will remember the chairs. Once guests are seated, the chairs are no longer visible. Save your funds, and go with the chairs at the covers.

I found chair covers for about $1 a piece (I think at Renting chair covers in our area was outrageous. The cheapest I found were like $4 or $5 each. And we still had to set them up ourselves. It was way worth it to us to purchase them. They actually are still in a box in our garage because I wanted to "sell them later". 2 of our friends have used them since our wedding. I'll probably eventually just donate them.

I agree hat red would clash and I do actually care about what chairs look like. I also don't like chair cover look but think they are far better than ugly outdated cheap chairs. I would buy them, as long as you have space at your home to store them prior to the wedding. I was getting a little crazy with all the pre wedding stuff being staged at my house and I didn't need anything as large as chair covers

So I recently picked my wedding venue and I am so excited. However the chairs that they provide are hideous. I think no matter how pretty my other decorations are the chairs will really make the room look bad. I've looked into renting chairs but its like crazy expensive. And I am just not a fan of the normal chair covers that weddings normally have. Id love to have something more stylish. The covers below are the ones I DO NOT like.

I also am not a fan, I call the chair condoms. . .I agree don't waste money on it. . .as long as the chairs are comfortable people won't care. . and if the room is going to be dark they won't be seen too much.

Literally no one will notice or care about the chairs as long as they have one to sit in. I'd pick whichever one you dislike less and just go with it. Once there's people sitting/putting jackets or purses down and people walking around you won't even notice.

I wasn't a huge fan of the chairs at my venue either. We rented these simple sashes and it transformed the whole area. I didn't like the long ones that touch the floor. They are a tripping hazard and make it hard to get out of your seat. These sashes are also a very cheap alternative to renting chairs.

When you rent the wedding chairs for your special event, you may find that they tend to look fairly plain and do not match your wedding theme. The right set of 100 wedding chair covers will let you turn each chair into a beautiful decoration at your wedding. These covers are available on eBay.

Most wedding chairs have the same average dimensions, so a cover will normally fit standard types of wedding chairs like a Chiavari chair or folding lawn chair. However, wedding chair cover sizes can vary a little, so be sure to measure one of your chairs and see if the cover matches the chair's back, seat, and leg measurements. To make sure it fits properly, you need to pick a cover that is round, square, or rectangular along the back just like your chair. If you select a spandex chair cover, you will have a little more flexibility because it may stretch to fit other chair types.

  • Rent for less than cost of buying Fits a wide variety of chair types Doing it yourself is easy and fun.vc_btn3-style-gradient-custom.vc_btn-gradient-btn-6425a0a038e06:hovercolor: #ffffff;background-color: #ff89c4;border: none;background-position: 100% 0;.vc_btn3-style-gradient-custom.vc_btn-gradient-btn-6425a0a038e06color: #ffffff;border: none;background-color: #ff42a0;background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(left, #ff42a0 0%, #ff89c4 50%,#ff42a0 100%);background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #ff42a0 0%, #ff89c4 50%,#ff42a0 100%);-webkit-transition: all .2s ease-in-out;transition: all .2s ease-in-out;background-size: 200% 100%; 5-Day Rental $1.99What's to Love?More Durable: Double layer design makes the chair cover more durable. Extends service life & reusability.

  • High Stretch: 170 grams a pair is high quality compared to the traditional 140 grams which may break easily.

  • Universal Fit: Spandex covers will fit on crown top, chiavari, ghost, pyramid, resin folding & metal folding chairs.

  • Quality Fabric: Manufactured from an elastic and soft blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex fabric.

  • Superb Stitching: Refined stitching makes it stretchable, & wrinkle-resistant. (4) leg pockets keep tightly in place.

The best way to accent your reception is by using different types of sash colors with DIY chair covers. The sash is a bow tie back that makes it a 2 piece chair cover. Our elastic stretch chair covers include fancy, formal, VIP, luxury & easy! You could buy walmart chair covers or target chair covers, or rent them online through a do-it-yourself service like Ship Our Wedding All our prices are affordable & your package arrives 2-7 days before your event date. Transform your wedding & party & create a simply elegant inexpensive look. 041b061a72


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