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Jackpot Full ((BETTER)) Movie Mp4

''Jackpot'' is the new movie by the Polish brothers, directed by Michael, co-produced and co-written by Mark. Their first film, ''Twin Falls Idaho'' (1999), was a virtuoso dark melodrama about conjoined twins approaching an inescapable separation. This one feels more like when the pianist noodles on the keyboard before breaking into the melody. All the pieces are in place--the characters, the seedy milieu, the look and tone--but we never get to the nod inviting the drums and bass to come in.

Jackpot full movie mp4

The film has a nice way of getting into scenes. I like the way Sunny and Lester are discovered sitting at the counter of a diner, an empty seat between them, caught in mid-flow of a conversation they have been having for months. And the way Sunny's brother Tracy (Anthony Edwards) turns up to defend and support him. And the way the fans in the karaoke bars have to think the contestants are stars--because if they're not, what does that make the fans? In its mastery of its moments, ''Jackpot'' has charm, humor and poignancy. What it lacks is necessity. There's a sense in which we're always waiting for it to kick in. If we saw ''Duets,'' the 2000 Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis movie, we know this world of competitive karaoke.

Note: I learn on the Web that the film was photographed with Sony's new Cine Alta digital video camera, the same one George Lucas is using for the next ''Star Wars'' movie. I don't know whether the movie's look (described by Elvis Mitchell as ''left on the dashboard faded'') is the result of the camera, or of cinematographer M. David Mullen--more Mullen's choice, I assume, or ''Star Wars'' fans are going to be plenty displeased.


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