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Breathe 8:46

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

On May 25th 2020, George Floyd's last breath was taken from him. It was one black man too many. Since then Black Lives Matter has touched cities and countries all over the world and become a global movement addressing police brutality, white privilege and racial inequalities that have touched all areas of society.

As a black woman this awakening, although long overdue, has been mentally exhausting. The hope that things will finally begin to change; the relentless videos, press articles; social media posts; and well-meaning supporters has been a lot to process.

So when I was offered the opportunity - through my association with Words of Colour - to contribute to Breathe 8:46 a project that aims to support the mental health and self-care of black men during this time, I knew I had to do something. And so I've focussed my contribution on the breath, leading a pranayam meditation to build respiratory capacity and help to centre and calm.

Led by BlackOut UK and Survivors Uk, the project seeks to build deeper and stronger connections with Black men, by engaging with services across London. Taking place on 25 June, the project aims to allow men to experience different ways to take care of their own healing, discover support from a range of organisations concerned with black men's mental health and have the opportunity to mourn George Floyd and others lost to racism.

Please share this resource. Our mental health depends on it...

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